The foundation of our service is based on enhancing the quality of life though social interaction, mental stimulation, and emotional support.  


We understand the critical importance of socialization for older adults in preventing feelings of isolation and depression.  

There are a myriad of benefits but most importantly, the emotional pickup and the feeling that you are loved. Companionship to Socialization Actives help fulfill those needs and listed below are only a few of the many opportunities!

  • Intellectual ConversationsReminiscing

  • Help with Hobbies- Gardening, Baking, Cooking etc!

  • Artistic Pursuits- Watercolor to oils, clay, Crafts & projects

  • Dining Out- Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

  • Attending Religious Services and Events

  • Visits with Friends or Groups in the Community 

  • Social Outings- Movies, Theater, Museums and more

  • Hair Appointments/ Beauty Salon

  • Vet Visits and Advocacy

  • Library Visits

  • Grocery & Personal Shopping 

  • Gift Shopping and Wrapping

  • Meditation

  • Games & Activities

  • Personalized contact through telephone check-ins

  • Pet Walking/ Pet Therapy Visits

  • Exercise / Walking Programs

  • Cognitive stimulation exercises

  • Sports & News discussions

  • Accompaniment & Travel - We are available to accompany clients on trips anywhere, near or far, in the US and abroad!  




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